I recently had a lovely dinner with a friend at the dark and cosy Wesley Anne on High St Northcote. I’ve been there before for drinks but not to eat, and the meal was excellent. I had fettuccine in a mushroom and cream sauce and my friend had the soup. I also had a glass of the Geoff Merrill merlot. Drinking this wine is like having your earlobes licked (if you like that kind of thing). Splendid.

wesley1 dinner at Wesley Anne, High St Northcote

wesley2 dinner at Wesley Anne, High St Northcote

It was quiet inside early in the evening. We were moving on to the new Willow Tales storytelling evening a few doors up at the Willow bar, the opening night of a new event to replace the now defunct Northcote Storytellers. Unfortunately it did not live up to expectations – it started late, seemed very disorganised, and the first two acts rambled and went over time, and we left before comedian Alison Bice performed. I saw her at A mic in hand last year and enjoyed her work, but our patience had been tested and found wanting.

wesley3 dinner at Wesley Anne, High St Northcote

dinner at Wesley Anne, High St Northcote

One thought on “dinner at Wesley Anne, High St Northcote

  • 8 June 2009 at 8:45 pm

    Yes it’s grand, the Wesley, and especially the way all ages and types of people can mingle there, like a real pub in fact, of which there are precious few (the Recreation is another one)


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