I keep forgetting who is open on Sundays and who isn’t. I talked a friend into a frenzy about the breakfast at Cibi and we strolled marched there about midday on a recent Sunday craving treats only to be thwarted. The newish cafe at 354 Smith St Collingwood (previously the Smith St Canteen) that I have been meaning to try is also closed on Sundays. The next obvious choice was Provenance, because it met our criteria: my friend had not been there before, it makes great coffee and is open!

prov31 breakfast number three at Provenance

My friend combined two of the breakfasts on the menu by choosing vegemite toast with avocado and poached eggs. Moments after I took this photo the plate looked like the Jamaican flag.

prov32 breakfast number three at Provenance

I chose scrambled eggs with rosti. At other places I have had it (such as Mixed Business in Clifton Hill / North Fitzroy and Una’s in Darlinghurst), rosti is a thick pancake made with grated potato and shallow fried. Here is was more like a huge mashed potato patty that had been deep fried. It was rather delicious.

breakfast number three at Provenance

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