Once my videos of the 2009 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix were reinstated by Youtube, they gained about 1,000 views each. That”s good considering they were offline when people would have been most interested in seeing them – in the days immediately after the race. But when I checked my account a week after they were reinstated, I found one of them had been viewed over 19,000 times!

By looking at the traffic data I was able to locate a Polish sport website that had run my story on being falsely accused of copyright infringement by Formula 1 Management. F1 is big in Poland because the first Polish driver in F1, BMW’s Robert Kubica, has gained a reputation as a hard racer.

poland1 big in Poland

A screen capture of the Polish sport website made on 1 May 2009

Kubica crashed spectacularly at the end of the Australian Grand Prix on the exit of turn 5 after Sebastian Vettel crashed into him at turn 3, but although I saw it clearly I was not able to capture it. As with Felipe Massa’s 2006 qualifying crash in Australia (when he hit the barrier directly in front of me at the exit of turn 12), the crash happened too fast for me to record (but I do have pieces of Massa’s car framed on my shelf). The Polish sport site embedded one of my videos in the page, and that’s where most of the traffic came from.

poland2 big in Poland

A screen capture of the Polish sport website made on 1 May 2009 featuring my video

The more you try to suppress something, the more people will want to see it regardless of how good it is. My video is not outstanding, and doesn’t show anything spectacular like a crash. But it is unique now. The story has also been picked up by a Swedish F1 blog.

big in Poland

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