Because so many parts of the City of Yarra website are not dated, it is difficult to keep track of when new information is added or when new documents are published. A document dated April 2009 has been published on the consultation page, which states that the council has released a draft plan for the area surrounding Fitzroy town hall, including Atherton reserve, Whitlam place, Condell Street park and the connecting streets. The document is available for download (13.6mb PDF).

You can provide feedback to Carrie Lindsay, Open Space Planning & Design, City of Yarra, PO Box 168, Richmond, 3121 or Alternatively, add your comments here and I will summarise and collate them for submission to the council.

It’s ironic to read that the council now wants to develop Condell St park to improve it for children, considering that a year ago they seemed willing to get rid of the park. Otherwise, I’m in favour of many of the elements of the plan because the aim seems to be to make many underutilised and unattractive spaces into places that people want to use, occupy and enjoy.

City of Yarra releases draft town hall precinct plan

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