Last year I wrote about the failure of ITV to cater for international audiences with their F1 news. Now that the BBC is the official F1 broadcaster again, I hoped they would be more aware of their international audience. But I was naive. When I was browsing their website in April 2009 some of their F1 news articles were not available to international audiences for no obvious reason.

bbcf1fail BBC F1 news = fail

A screen capture of the BBC F1 site on 16 April 2009

Fortunately they seem to have learned from this failing. In May 2009 international viewers still get a rejection message but at least now I can click through and watch the news video I want to watch. But why the extra click? What’s the point of rejecting me then giving me a consolation prize?

walker BBC F1 news = fail

A screen capture of the BBC F1 site on 8 May 2009

Why can’t I get F1 practice sessions on TV in Australia? I’m enjoying the BBC F1 and MotoGP broadcasts of practice and qualifying via torrents, which enables me to ignore the terrible job Ch10 and it’s derivatives 1 and 1HD do in Australia while also seeing BBC content.

Worldwide online audiences don’t care about territorial rights or other antiquated content walls. Either you give us what you want or we get it elsewhere. This is a simple customer relations failure. If they want my attention they know what they have to do.

BBC F1 news = fail

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