When I reviewed the crepes at The Wick on Brunswick St in November 2008, owner Larissa commented that, in taking over what had been WWWash, she was starting her first hospitality job. That did not sound like a viable position from which to start a business on such a competitive street to me, but I kept my opinion to myself.

wick091 The Wick on Brunswick St has closed

Surely you need prior employment experience and some hospitality and / or business education or training to be a success, but what would I know? I’m not the entrepreneurial type. Now, in April 2009, less than a year after opening, The Wick is closed and the space is being redeveloped as a bar.

wick092 The Wick on Brunswick St has closed

The Wick on Brunswick St has closed

One thought on “The Wick on Brunswick St has closed

  • 4 May 2009 at 8:46 pm

    I noticed this on Sat night!
    The new window dressings I mean, and there is now a mural going up on the right hand side wall!
    I craved crepes on my bday! I went and had churros and gelati instead…

    The mural down the side of the night cat is coming along nicely as well.


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