Artist Hans Erftemeyer and I share one particular obsession: the music and life of Keith Richards. When I heard there was an exhibition on at 69 gallery of paintings of Keef I had to see it. I was able to chat to Hans (below), discuss some Keef moments and enjoy the well attending opening on the afternoon of Saturday 18 April. The exhibition is on until 3 May.

keef691 it's only rock and roll

The works are based on well known photographs of Keith throughout his career; sadly there isn’t a painting of Keith’s ‘chop the mutha down‘ attack on a fan who ran onstage during a 1981 concert.

keef692 it's only rock and roll

Emma at the Melbourne Art Review delivers some harsh criticism of the works and I can’t say I disagree with her technical opinions, but I differ from her in that I empathise with the artist in his choice of subject matter, where she has no interest in Keef.

keef693 it's only rock and roll

it’s only rock and roll

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