It’s now widely recognised that the global financial crisis was caused by corporate wankers gambling other people’s hard earned money at the nearest casino (stock market). When it’s not your money, you don’t care so much about it. The suits don’t understand why they are being criticised.

Perhaps it’s because they take millions of dollars in government (taxpayer) subsidies, which should be used to maintain jobs for Australian workers, but then use it to pay themselves huge salaries and bonuses out of all proportion to their actual achievements. It’s also because they get paid to fail and keep their jobs and luxury lifestyles, while when they fail they sack workers who depend on their jobs to maintain modest standards of living.

The problem with Australia is that we are mostly too comfortable and relaxed to take appropriate action. In France, sacked workers have been holding their bosses hostage to ensure they get fair dismissal payments. That’s more like it.

Even better is the action taken by a group calling itself ‘Bank Bosses are Criminals’ in the UK. As the ABC reports:

Fred Goodwin, former chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland, left the bank with a 693,000 pound annual pension last October after the Government bailed it out.

His decision not to repay the pension, despite leading the bank into Britain’s biggest ever banking failure, triggered a public and political backlash.

Some unknown people smashed windows in Goodwin’s house and his car. Bank Bosses are Criminals stated:

We are angry that rich people like him are paying themselves a huge amount of money and living in luxury while ordinary people are made unemployed, homeless and destitute.

Precisely. This is just the beginning. We the working people of the world have a simple message for the suits: prepare to repay what you have stolen from us and cheated us from with your unnecessary and irrational risk-taking and greed. With interest. In blood. Bring it on.

take revenge against corporate criminals

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