Gorker gallery’s exhibition ‘With Love’ features photographs and a video installation by Luiza Sá, Hana Davies and Cristine Leone. I wasn’t able to get to the opening night because I was seeing a film at the French Film Festival, so I came the next night.

gorkerphoto1 With Love at Gorker gallery

The photos show scenes of everyday life, with women conversing and inhabiting domestic spaces. One of the best groupings has one photograph of a huge concert crowd above with a shot from the point of view of a women looking down her body under a sheet or blanket, with an elegant symmetry of ribs and hips under smooth skin. Some of the works are collages of polaroid style small images that form a larger image.

gorkerphoto2 With Love at Gorker gallery

A small room in one corner features 3 video works. The largest screen features a naked young woman lying prone on a beach on the edge of the water, with the swell washing over her. The smallest is the most intriguing. A gold glitter box with a hinged lid opens to reveal a small screen showing a woman bathing with goldfish. The miniature scale frames the viewer as a giant voyeur.

gorkerphoto4 With Love at Gorker gallery

gorkerphoto3 With Love at Gorker gallery

It’s the first time Gorker has exhibited photography (there was a video based show last year) and it’s worth seeing. The show runs until Sunday 29 March.

With Love at Gorker gallery

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