On Saturday 7 March some of Melbourne’s food bloggers met for an afternoon of food appreciation and discussion. It was organised by Duncan from Syrup and tang, Sarah from Sarah cooks (see her post with lots of photos here) and Thanh from I eat therefore I am and was held in the lovely rear courtyard of The Commoner on Johnston St in Fitzroy. We’d all like to thank Jo and her staff at The Commoner for their generous hospitality.

foodbloggers6 Melbourne food bloggers lunch at The Commoner

The delicious treats on offer, all made by those attending, included Duncan’s amazing macarons (above). Ed from Tomato brought amounts of wonderful cheese donated by Will Studd. I spent the morning cooking eggplants over the gas flames of my stove to make smoky baba ghanoush, which was well received.

foodbloggers1 Melbourne food bloggers lunch at The Commoner

The bloggers present included the the authors of My aching head, Fatty McBeanpole (post about the day with lots of pictures here), Everything goes with cream, Melbourne gastronome (review with more beautiful pics here), Off the spork (another post with another glorious macaron image), Words and flavours, 5 types of sugar, Eating with Jack, Global gobler and Ice tea sugar high. I apologise if I have left anyone out.

foodbloggers2 Melbourne food bloggers lunch at The Commoner

The conversation was vigorous and enthusiastic and we agreed on many issues, such as preferring to be anonymous and thus treated like every other diner when eating out, rather than being recognised and given special treatment. We also agreed that writing about and photographing food takes up a significant amount of our time!

foodbloggers3 Melbourne food bloggers lunch at The Commoner

It is fascinating to meet the creators if different food sites and blogs. It is difficult to determine what an author is like from their work, so talking to everyone and discussing their motivation for what they do was most enjoyable.

foodbloggers4 Melbourne food bloggers lunch at The Commoner

foodbloggers5 Melbourne food bloggers lunch at The Commoner

The desserts were all wonderful, and included biscuits with passionfruit icing and friands. If you’d like to attend the next one, read Syrup and tang for announcements. The meetups happen about twice a year. This was my first and I’m already looking forward to the next one.

foodbloggers7 Melbourne food bloggers lunch at The Commoner

Melbourne food bloggers lunch at The Commoner

3 thoughts on “Melbourne food bloggers lunch at The Commoner

  • 10 March 2009 at 6:20 am

    Hey Brian, glad you all had a great time. I feel fat just looking at the spread. Sorry I missed y’all but had other commitments, sounds like it was a particularly busy day generally but good to hear you all enjoyed the courtyard and Sergio.

    Looks like you were all probably waddling a bit afterwards and no doubt had a night of bizarre dreams thanks to the sugar and cheese hit.

    Can you send me an email when you get a chance? To the email address I’ve posted here or via the website?



  • 10 March 2009 at 11:02 am

    …to clarify the email request above, so I can send you one back!


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