I’ve been referencing blogs I like recently in my posts, such as my homage to the Worst of Perth, and posts here and here that were influenced by I Love St Kilda. Today I’m acknowledging the creators of Melbourne fashion blogs like Super Kawaii Mama and Esme and the Laneway with an exclusive fashion feature.

On Sunday 1 March I rode to Phillip Island to watch the opening race of the 2009 World Superbike Championship. While lounging in the paddock in between races idly watching the crowd, the idea of writing about spectator fashion came to me. This is my guide to getting your look right when attending motorcycle racing. There are separate sections for bikers and tourists (people who go to bike races without riding a bike there) and for clothing and accessories.

Bikers – clothing

Leathers, fisherman hats and sunglasses are key this season. I think this dude is checking out the sponsorship models, or maybe he’s praying. Oh great Dainese, drinker of blood, mover of mountains, blessed be thy Biaggi that he does not fall on his arse at turn 1 like he did last year…

wsbk095 what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

Matching gear. If your brother / best mate / boyfriend has a jacket you like then you should get one too. It’s so flattering.

wsbk092 what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

Cammo and cameras. Because you want to blend in, obviously.

wsbk093 what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

Bikers – accessories

A bike of course!

wsbk091 what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

Plastic rain poncho (never mind that it’s not raining) and a beer for each hand. Maybe the poncho is to protect against opening a can your mate mischeviously shook while you weren’t looking…

wsbk094 what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

Helmet on a string. Carrying your helmet in your hand is just not done anymore. Put it in it’s protective bag and walk around with it like you’re taking a dog for a walk.

wsbk096 what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

Toddlers. WTF? How do you get a kid and a pram on a bike? The truth behind this may be weird. Perhaps the more directional metrosexual biker can hire small children for the afternoon to help maintain his family look.

wsbk0910 what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

Tourists – clothing

Scarf (beginner). It can be very cold at Phillip Island so a scarf, a hat and a hoodie are all good.

wsbk097 what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

Scarf (advanced). I previously defined ‘seasonal dysmorphia‘ as the inconsistent wearing of warm weather and cool weather clothing together. Surely if it’s warm enough for thongs it’s too warm for a scarf, or if it’s cool enough for a scarf it’s too cool for thongs. I bet she whinges about how cold she is all day…

wsbk0915 what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

Thongs. Partially covered in the description above, but you never know when you may need thongs, so it’s best to carry a spare pair like the dude below.

wsbk0921 what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

Colour coordination. This dude has cleverly combined his Suzuki jacket, Crumpler bag and cap into a designer ensemble. He should be carrying the umbrella too because it goes with his outfit, not hers.

wsbk0917 what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

Tourists – accessories

Grass. Get the authentic paddock look by drinking a few cans of bourbon and cola then roll around on the grass. If the grass does not stick to your shirt, repeat until you are satisfied that your shirt is sufficiently covered.

wsbk0912 what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

Paddock and pit lane passes. All race fans need to know that you can never have enough.

wsbk0913 what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

Mobile phones. ‘I am Gen Y and I can never be alone. The further away from civilisation I am the more I need my personal self-actualisation device. I am the centre of my own universe.’

wsbk0911 what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

wsbk0914 what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

Beach towels. The more lifestyle oriented race tourist is not interested in practical items like plastic lined waterproof picnic blankets, which are useful when sitting on the often cold and / or wet ground at Phillip Island. Why not treat the race like a day at the beach and use a beach towel instead?

wsbk0916 what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

What not to wear

Marketing attire. Motor racing is incredibly brand conscious and sponsor oriented, but there are degrees of lameness. Wearing brands you don’t believe in is crass and superficial. Using women as walking billboards is so dumb. You can tell by the looks on their faces that they don’t believe it.

wsbk0918 what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

Heels. Oh so good in dirt and grass.

wsbk0920 what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

what to wear to the (motorcycle) races

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