Dave Callan was the headline act at A mic in hand last Thursday the 26th of February, and he performed some of the same material as when he performed there in November 2008 but also some different jokes that had the whole room laughing. The highlight of the night for me was discovering the angry side of Adam Hills and seeing some international performers for the first time warming up prior to the comedy festival.

mic2602093 Adam Hills says don't do drugs kids

Sarah Bennetto (an Australian living in London with an English accent) and James Dowdeswell (English) were really good, and I will have to add them to my list of people to see. Expect to see more international performers tomorrow night at A mic in hand. If, like me, you suffer from information overload and find it hard to choose which shows to see from the written summaries in the festival guide, you’ll be able to see some of the comedians performing live at Vibe and be much better informed about who to see at forthcoming comedy festival shows.

mic2602091 Adam Hills says don't do drugs kids

Sarah Bennetto (above) and James Dowdeswell (below).

mic2602092 Adam Hills says don't do drugs kids

Adam Hills was a surprise. He was very funny but also projected quite an angry attitude and gave good rant. He told some longer stories that were both amusing and horrifying. The most bizarre was his story about singing John Bon Jovi songs with Belgian comedians backstage because they did not share a common language and so could not talk to each other.

The most grotesque was about a chat with a Welsh heavy metal fan and forensic scientist at a UK gig. The scientist told Hills about a case where a junkie injected cocaine into a vein in his penis, causing the sking to necrotise. He died of blood poisoning, but not before having sex with his girlfriend, when a bit of his rotting penis came off inside her and, unnoticed by her, remained inside her causing her to also die of blood poisoning two weeks later. So Adam Hills says don’t do drugs kids.

Adam Hills says don’t do drugs kids

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