The absurdity of this is too good to ignore. A customer complained about the high cost of beer and chips in a Perth bar restaurant recently. While most attention has focused on the prices, I’m focused on the chips. It’s a very architectural stack of chips in the photo below (from the above linked story).

article-beerandchips-420 Posh Nosh in Perth

I’ve seen that before… in the satirical BBC cooking show Posh Nosh, in the episode called ‘Architect’s fish and chips’. A screen capture is below. The chef at the Perth restaurant may be a fan and was having a laugh, or perhaps the restaurant is simply run by tossers. It’s most amusing regardless of whether this situation is concidental or deliberate.

posh Posh Nosh in Perth

A video of the episode is below. If you haven’t seen it before, the series stars Richard E Grant and is a brilliant parody of snobby television food porn.

Posh Nosh in Perth

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