8 February 1996 is a special day for me, and every year on the anniversary I pause to think about music, love and the meaning of life. I was in Italy with the great love of my 20s, and we saw David Bowie in concert at the Palatrussardi in Milan on the European leg of his Outside tour. Morrissey was supposed to be the support act, but prior to the tour he and Bowie had a spat and Morrissey quit in a tiff. His replacement was an unknown young English punk pop band I quite liked. I thought they had potential. Months later back at home I heard Placebo’s debut album and thought, oh yes I know about them already!

bowieposter remembering 8 February 1996

The album 1 Outside was released in 1995 and quickly became my favourite (Bowie) album. I don’t claim it is his best album but it is the one I love most, and it is amongst his best work. Thinking about this now, I have to change my mind about what I wrote in 2007 about seeing Tori Amos play a song I requested in Adelaide. While absolutely wonderful, this experience was not the best day of my life. No one comes close to Bowie. I’m sure Tori would understand, because she too is a Bowie fan.

remembering 8 February 1996

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  • 8 February 2009 at 7:22 pm

    Ah yes – Mr Bowie. I remember seeing him at Hordern Pavilion in 1978. What a night! I took binoculars. I took an esky – not packed with alcohol I am embarrassed to report but a bbq chicken and potato salad packed by my gorgeous mother – lest my best friend and I got hungry. Oh the embarrassment when the security guards opened it at the gate. That night was fantastic. So much fun. The glitz, the glam, the fantasy, the yearning.

    • 8 February 2009 at 7:59 pm

      A fabulous tour to have seen with Adrian Belew on lead guitar! Did they confiscate your bbq chicken? Did you flutter your glitter laden eyelids?


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