Update 21 August 2009: I forgot to report that Makeshift closed months ago. Its brief second location above Palookaville is now occupied by the Crashmat comedy night (Facebook group). I was right the first time – former Makeshift owner Matt was incredibly flaky.

The third art show I saw over the previous weekend was an exhibition of photography at the new premises of the Makeshift gallery, which is now above Palookaville. The photos by Mick Ferrier features minimalistic and geometric views of city architecture. The exhibition runs until mid February.

I picked up the information sheet for the exhibition and when I read it later at home while writing this post I was flummoxed to find it did not name the artist or provide any contact details. Oops. Only by visiting the Makeshift website was I able to confim his name.

makeshift091 photography at Makeshift gallery on Brunswick St

Gallery manager Matt told me that he’s sharing the new space with The Arthouse Project, which run various arts based courses. There’s one course they should start immediately – Marketing 101 for artists. I mean no disrespect to Matt or Mick (and I don’t know who was responsible for the notes), but if you want to sell work you have to be easy to find, and you have to sell yourself as much as the work.

makeshift092 photography at Makeshift gallery on Brunswick St

Every artist needs an online presence, whether it is a site, a blog, or even a FaceBook or MySpace page. If I as a consumer are curious enough to know more about your work, you as an artist should be pleased by my interest and be willing to provide more information. Audiences are fickle and will soon move on to the next thing if their curiousity is not quickly satisfied.

photography at Makeshift gallery on Brunswick St

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