sila2 coffee at Sila on Brunswick St

Sila is Fitzroy’s equivalent of Pellegrini’s in Melbourne – an old school authentic totally unpretentious Italian cafe that serves good coffee. I had a coffee at Sila on a sunny Saturday afternoon recently and sat inside as all the outside tables were taken. They’re evidently more forgiving than Mario’s as one woman came in, asked for a skinny weak latte, and was not criticised for insulting the art of coffee making.

sila1 coffee at Sila on Brunswick St

In continuing my series of reporting on the cafes that are not on the fashion map, and which deserve more recognition than what they currently receive, I have to agree with Craft City Melbourne that Sila is a great place. Previously I’ve raved about Alimentari and Ink seafood restaurant as under appreciated Fitzroy gems. There are many more I am still to visit.

coffee at Sila on Brunswick St

One thought on “coffee at Sila on Brunswick St

  • 5 December 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Just wanted to say that I love Sila – it’s a great place, and surprisingly enough still fairly undiscovered.


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