I’ve been browsing the excellent archive of historical photos at Picture Victoria, which holds many images on behalf of the Fitzroy history society and the City of Yarra Fitzroy library. In the absence of a website that showcases the history of Fitzroy (though I hear that the history society is seeking funding from council to build a site), I thought I would start a series of posts that examine the history of specific street addresses and buildings.

I’ve been planning this since earlier this year when I first learned of the 150th anniversary of the founding Fitzroy, but it’s taken a while to get started. It’s like a ‘where are they now?’ except it’s more of a ‘what were they when?’ To begin with, here’s 378 Brunswick Street as it was in 1978.

19050 Fitzroy history - from industrial repairs to the Vegie Bar

Courtesy of Fitzroy local history photograph collection / ID: 19050 / photographer: unknown / copyright: Fitzroy library owns image / used under the fair dealings provisions of the Copyright Act 1968

Now of course it looks like this, and is an extremely busy street corner. The Vegie bar is a Fitzroy institution and is one of the busiest cafes on Brunswick St. The corner with Rose St is a place where strange things happen and where the posters are regularly scrubbed off with the exception of the phrase ‘change your preference‘, which survived for years until the recent work of Rone (below) covered that too.

histvegiebar Fitzroy history - from industrial repairs to the Vegie Bar

Fitzroy history – from industrial repairs to the Vegie Bar

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