enni2 spiced breakfasts at Enni, Thornbury

In the never ending search for unique breakfasts in Melbourne I read somewhere about Enni on High St in Thornbury, and got a table quite early one Saturday morning. In the dynamic Melbourne breakfast blogging scene, it is surprising how some places get all the attention and others get far less than they deserve. In the case of Enni, it has only previously been reviewed (as far as I can tell) by The breakfast blog a year ago. Once breakfast devotees read this, they will be rushing to Enni to taste the dukkah poached eggs (above) and the Indian scrambled eggs (below).

The dukkah eggs includes mushrooms, spinach and fetta on toast with a sprinkling of delicious dukkah. The Indian scrambled eggs are made with a curry spice mix with bacon and yogurt. Both are amazing but the curried scrambled eggs are magical. The spice mixes are from the owner’s family connections in South Africa and are definitely not something you could easily replicate out of a packet. The coffee is very good and while the service was a bit slow (it was busy) the wait was definitely worth it.

enni1 spiced breakfasts at Enni, Thornbury

spiced breakfasts at Enni, Thornbury

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