mixed1 breakfast at Mixed Business, Clifton Hill

The buzz has been growing about the cafe Mixed Business on Queens Parade in Clifton Hill since it opened earlier this year. It’s been reviewed extremely positively in the Age, Breakfast Out, Craft City Melbourne and Oh What Larks. The premises used to be a furniture restoration business and briefly before that a skateboard shop. I can’t remember what was there before that. By the time I got there, my expectations were high and they were met.

mixed5 breakfast at Mixed Business, Clifton Hill

The coffee is splendid, the decor and ambiance are cute and charming, the staff lovely and the food is divine. I chose the poached eggs (below) with the most deliciously addictive rosti I have ever had (even better than that at Una’s on Victoria St in Darlinghurst). Rosemary made it extra special.

mixed4 breakfast at Mixed Business, Clifton Hill

My girlfriend loves avocado so she chose the avocado on toast with feta (below). Apart from not enough lemon to squeeze onto the avocado, it was perfect. There’s a lemon tree full of fruit in the courtyard so there should be no reason to skimp on the lemon! The bread is a multigrain sourdough that is amongst the best bread I have ever had.

mixed3 breakfast at Mixed Business, Clifton Hill

The interior features many cute retro items including these signs. With the style and quality to match any cafe in Melbourne, Mixed Business is sure to become increasingly difficult to get a table at!

mixed2 breakfast at Mixed Business, Clifton Hill

Update 17 November 2008: it should be noted by geographical pedants that as it is located on the west side of Queens Parade, Mixed Business is technically in North Fitzroy, not Clifton Hill. No one gets the address correct. Smith St and Queens Parade form the border between North Fitzroy and Clifton Hill. All righteous NorthFitzroyalty should be outraged that one of the best establishments in their hood is not not recognised as such!

breakfast at Mixed Business, Clifton Hill

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