As reported in Salon, a US producer of sadomasochistic porn featuring consenting adults performing to entertain other consenting adults has been sentenced to more than 3 years jail for the fictional depiction of humiliation:

if you’re an adult who produces a film using other consenting adults, for the entertainment of still other consenting adults, which merely depicts fictional acts of humiliation and degradation, the DOJ will prosecute you and send you to prison for years. The claim that no real pain was inflicted will be rejected; mere humiliation is enough to make you a criminal.

This is contrasted with the behaviour of the executives of the current US federal government, who are widely considered in many parts of the civilised world to be the greatest group of war criminals in the free world:

if government officials actually subject helpless detainees in their custody to extreme mental abuse, degradation, humiliation and even mock executions long considered “torture” in the entire civilized world, the DOJ will argue that they have acted with perfect legality and, just to be sure, Congress will hand them retroactive immunity for their conduct… top Bush administration officials have been immunized and protected despite — according to a former U.S. Army Major General — being responsible for real sadistic obscenities…

This is the clearest indication that the US is a nation of the insane. Whatever intelligent life remains there should get out before the whole place implodes. Good riddance.

united states of insanity

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