In his blog on 16 September Yarra Socialist Party Councillor Steve Jolly announces that:

A resolution was passed unanimously last night to force all brothels in Yarra to carry signs in English, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese and Russian declaring that ‘sex slavery is illegal’. This is a small but important reform.

In the Melbourne Greens blog on 24 September, Greens Deputy Lord Mayor candidate Kathleen Maltzahn writes that:

This week, at Yarra Council, we will vote on a motion I initiated to compel every brothel in Yarra to display a sign saying sexual slavery is a serious crime, explaining what this covers, and saying where women can get help.

Someone has got their timing wrong but either way this is an excellent policy initiative. The Brunswick St sexual slavery case is horrific and predators who abuse vulnerable people deserve far more than prison.

sexual slavery warning signs

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