We live in a society that is soft on violent crime. We excuse aggressive behaviour and do not allow people to adequately protect themselves, their families and their property from assault without fear of being prosecuted for their defensive response.

In a recent case a Sydney man used a whip to defend his property, his family and party guests from violent gatecrashers. He has been warned that he may be charged with the use of excessive force in defending himself. This is nonsense. There should be no such thing as a charge of excessive force for self defence. The right to defend yourself, your family and your property from within the boundaries of your property should be absolute.

The gatecrashers trespassed on the man’s property, damaged his property, then acted as a group to assault him. Only then did he use a weapon (a whip) to defend himself and drive them from his property. If you break the law by trespassing on someone’s property, refuse a request to leave, then attack the property and its owner, you should lose all legal rights.

The property owner should be able to defend themselves however they can. The property owner should be free to act as necessary to make themselves safe, to beat, stab, shoot or attack an intruder with an axe or whatever they can get their hands on to defend themselves. I would give this homeowner a bravery medal.

There is no ethical right to violate the safety and rights of others and yet have your own safety and rights respected. What would Keith Richards or Andrew Symonds do? If there’s nutters on your turf you need to chop them down. Criminal thugs need to understand the consequences of their actions.

In a related case in Perth a man who ignored security and danger signs and illegally trespassed on a power utility’s fenced and secured property is suing the company after being electrocuted on the property and losing both his legs. He got what he deserved.

So did the Sydney thugs. I wish they had been permanently crippled by the homeowner. They should then be denied access to government funded health and welfare services because they obtained their injuries while committing a crime. The should live in pain and poverty and hopefully die young. They are parasites and a blight on society.

there’s no such thing as excessive force

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  • 28 August 2008 at 7:36 pm

    I wish I’d had a whip at my 18th…to whip any drunk girl who tried to put on Jagged Little Pill…


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