Read the Yarra Trams poster below.

valid exposing Yarra Trams propaganda lies

This poster contains deliberate misinformation. It is pure propaganda and is designed to threaten people into validating tickets when they are not legally required to.

The actual offence is to travel without a valid ticket (a ticket that is current, not expired). There is no legal requirement to revalidate tickets in each segment of a journey within the time period of its validity (2 hours, daily, monthly, etc) and Yarra Trams admitted as such in 2006. See this Age article and my article of dubious validity for further information. Thanks to adrock2xander for the original story.

VALIDATION DOES NOTHING to inform Melbourne’s public transport providers about customer behaviour and the needs of public transport users because only about 30% of people validate. Yarra Trams knows this and we know they know because they told us so.

VALIDATION IS A CON. Take a stand. Always travel with a valid ticket (such as buying one from the coin machine on a tram, which is automatically validated, or buying a daily ticket at a newsagent and validating it at the start of the day) then don’t validate it again until you are legally required to.

I’ve already posted a complaint about this deceptive conduct with Yarra Trams and I plan to take it to Consumer Affairs Victoria and the Consumer Action Law Centre. Threatening consumers without legal foundation is an offence. Yarra Trams marketing material is criminal.

exposing Yarra Trams propaganda lies

One thought on “exposing Yarra Trams propaganda lies

  • 17 September 2010 at 11:26 am

    I’m glad that someone is as annoyed about this as I am. Validation in normal English usage means to make something true or correct, it cannot be repeated. Just because Yarra Trams and the rest of Melbourne’s public transport want to use a word to mean a particular thing doesn’t mean that the word means that. They are not Humpty Dumpty and do not pay words to mean particular things. When they learn to use English correctly and honestly inform the passengers that this is a statistical gathering exercise I may feel moved to cooperate with them.


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