The following post and the text it contains comes courtesy of Brodie Higgs, a filmmaker and creator of the Wardlow art residence, which runs a program for artists to generate ideas, develop and exhibit works in a progressive space. When I found out about it I contacted him for more details and am excited to be able to help promote it. The photos are all from the WARDLOW website and are used with permission.

wardlow4 Wardlow art residence

Up to 3 Australian and international artists are selected from an open call to cheaply live in a Fitzroy warehouse and utilise their own free, exclusive studio and gallery for three to six months. Wardlow hosts 4-6 shows a year in which the gallery is open to the public.

wardlow1 Wardlow art residence


The Wardlow warehouse, in Melbourne’s most lively art precinct, is utilised as a hub of artistic development, experimentation and exhibition of works achieved by artists in residence. Wardlow aims to support lateral thinking, dedicated, and progressive artists. Wardlow is a communal and creative space; to live, work and network into a healthy art community and beyond. Apart from the rare opportunity to show, gain extended Melbourne exposure and sell their works in the resident’s own gallery, Wardlow exists for artists to be a part of an energetic sharehouse that is conducive to the occasional hearty household dinner.

wardlow2 Wardlow art residence


Wardlow is a unique space for the full time development, creation, and exhibition of the artist’s residential show. The artist household includes private bedrooms, very large workshop space, and gallery and bar.

wardlow3 Wardlow art residence


  • Sunny bedroom: subsidized $125 per week (some artists are offered full sponsorship), bills split 4 ways;
  • Free studio;
  • Free gallery use (with 35% commission);
  • Free flight for successful interstate and some international applicants.

wardlow5 Wardlow art residence

Some of 2008 residents

  • Japan’s Masato Nagai;
  • Melbourne’s Ash Keating;
  • New York artist Graham Day Guerra;
  • Canada’s “Acorn” (extended for Sept – Nov 2008).

Wardlow prides itself in fostering an energetic artistic platform within the area of Fitzroy and broader Melbourne, providing an opportunity for artists to broaden their personal creative endeavours, taste a bit of Melbourne, or just do something a little different.

Wardlow art residence

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