The overpaid underperforming scum otherwise known as state politicians have lied to the Victorian public too many times in relation to public transport policy: lies about validating tickets, about the supposed need to replace our perfectly functional ticket system with the Myki, and about their commitment to providing better services.

Now a new study has revealed that the removal of conductors from trams has cost Victorian taxpayers millions of dollars in lost income due to fare evasion. It has also lowered the quality of service to all tram users. Ticket machines cannot give advice to lost tourists, provide social pressure to make people pay for travel, help elderly and disabled people to board trams, or deal with emergencies and accidents.

Increasing the quality of service by using conductors again should improve patronage and income, create employment and make transport minister Lynne Kosky look less incompetent. This provides a fascinating opportunity to study whether she is smart enough to change her mind, or so stupid and stubborn that she makes her own situation worse along with the public transport services she supposedly manages by doing what she is doing now: nothing.

tram conductors are economically efficient

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