ali1 Alimentari on Brunswick St

I sometimes feel that bloggers and the media have short attention spans and rarely see beyond what is new or novel. I’m planning to devote some time to acknowledging the places in Fitzroy that I appreciate and rely on, even though they may have been around for some time, and don’t have the attention now drawn by newer competitors.

Alimentari on Brunswick St is a good example. I go there regularly for their excellent coffee and whenever I eat there it is delicious (read Kate and Zoe and Duck Cheap Eats on the meatball wrap). The staff are friendly and it’s a place where you can walk in and feel instantly comfortable. And if you like wine with your meal, there is a short but splendid list of wines by the glass, particularly if you like some of the varieties still becoming known in Australian, such as tempranillo. It’s the kind of place I could almost give up cooking for so I could visit more often.

ali2 Alimentari on Brunswick St

Alimentari on Brunswick St

One thought on “Alimentari on Brunswick St

  • 15 July 2008 at 8:35 pm

    Alimentari…. I like it, nice pun

    Alimentary Canal, which connects the mouth to the stomach.

    Very nice.


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