Australian artist Hazel Dooney has licensed her name and work to local condom manufacturer Legends Rubbers. This is a smart move from an obviously smart operator.You can read more about this at the Age and Gawker.

In contrast, the retarded Jesus freaks who accepted the works Dooney generously donated to a charity auction then withdrew them from the auction because of they may have had sexual connotations (I don’t know because Dooney has not shown the works) need to be invited back to reality.

The freaks claimed they did not know the kind of work Dooney produces because their fun filters stopped their interweb from seeing her ‘adult content’. Well I suppose they did not get to see her collection of dildoes then on her blog. The baby Jesus butt plug is my favourite.

Until the new legends are available, my favourite collectable condoms remain my special Machine Gun Fellatio ones released as a promotional exercise with their ‘For the Ladies’ EP c 2002.

mgfc too good to fuck around with

too good to fuck around with

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