Update 1 July 2008: while my collaborative map of Fitzroy is still live, no one has contributed, and as I have now implemented Geopress for my blog, enabling me to geotag my posts on my own map, I have less need of an external map. The map does get significant traffic, and I have imported my new GeoRSS enabled feed into it. This may be a good way for me to syndicate my content.

map mapping Fitzroy

Last year I used Google maps to make a map of Fitzroy to embed in this blog (it’s on the right sidebar). There’s also a feral fruit map of Fitzroy. The tools for non programmers to achieve these geo mashups are just starting to emerge and become functional.

As of today, I have made my Fitzroy map fully open and collaborative. Anyone can add data to it. I am going to monitor and moderate use of the map, but only to remove spam or stupidity. The map is already showing photos and videos Google has in its various platforms and services (Picasa, Youtube, etc). You can explore the content and turn on the images and videos by altering the Google map settings without logging in.

In future, I hope to add photos, videos and blog post markers to my Fitzroy map, and to aggregate as much external content as possible on it. Now it’s your turn. You’ll need a Google account to edit the map.

mapping Fitzroy

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  • 27 November 2009 at 6:03 pm

    I love it too. Just rebuilding lakesentrance.com in joomla, and hope to incorporate same ideas…


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