Update 6 July 2008: I walked past Makeshift yesterday and today, and on both occasions it looked closed. The sign hanging high off the Rose St wall has gone (perhaps blown away in the recent strong winds) and the wire gate at the laneway door was closed. There was no sign out saying ‘gallery open’. I’m trying hard to find something positive to say but nothing is coming to mind. Matthew, if you’re open, give us a sign!

Update 30 June 2008: Matthew Concanen from the gallery has posted a commenty below stating that the gallery will be open this weekend. Thanks Matthew!

When I first saw the posters advertising the Makeshift Gallery I was excited about another new community project starting up. Then I went looking for the space and could not find it, apparently because they did not get their act together in time. A helpful comment on that story kept me interested, and I went along on the Sunday evening a week later, only to be very disappointed.

It seemed less an art market and more a clique of people who knew each other hanging out in a huge lounge room slash warehouse. I quickly forgot about it until now. They seem to have changed focus and become more of a commercial gallery space than a market, and have regular opening hours. They have a website and an exhibition program. I think it is time for a return visit.

makeshift2 Makeshift gallery reloaded

Makeshift gallery reloaded

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  • 30 June 2008 at 6:34 pm

    Hi….the gallery will be open as this sat/sun 12 to 5 pm…..a group exhibition will be coming up just have to confirm dates…there has been speculation to our existence….we now exist!


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