I’ve written previously about how marriage is redundant in modern society because its legal function has been superceded by family and property law and its social function has been replaced by more socially relevant forms of relationships and cohabiting.

As a recalcitrant provider, I’ve commented on how marriage is often not in men’s best interests. I’m also a strong advocate for law reform to give equal status to lesbians and gay men in all areas of life, from taxation and superannuation, to social security and parenting. I think traditional marriage is an anachronism, and I’ve finally realised why the conservative Christians are fighting to stop gay rights activists from achieving their goals – because the beliefs of the moral conservatives will be more widely exposed as irrelevant.

Today I read a brilliant article in SFGate about the legalisation of gay marriage in California, and the core argument exactly matches my own thoughts on the issue. Beware what you wish for:

If you are a loving couple in this fine and baffled state, your particular combination of genitalia has officially been deemed irrelevant as far as whether or not you may hold a lovely little ceremony and enjoy a year or three of wedded bliss and buy a tiny condo you can’t really afford, and then fight about money and who gets to name the dog as you lose that once-omnipotent romantic spark and rarely have sex anymore and eat your meals in silence as half of you get divorced in about 5.3 years and end up back on the dating scene, wondering whatever happened to your dreams. You know, just like everyone else!

marriage is, like, fabulous?

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