gill1 Gill's Diner

Last week I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Gill’s Diner. The outstanding dish was the roast rabbit, rolled and stuffed and sitting on a bed of brussel sprout puree. The rabbit contained prunes and was wrapped in bacon. It was an outstanding dish. I also ordered the broccoli with anchovy, which was delightfully salty and savoury.

gill2 Gill's Diner

My girlfriend had the roast duck, and some pieces were so raw they were inedible. It was sent back so the meat could be sauteed quickly in a pan. The meal was nicely replated and the duck was delicious. I don’t understand the undercooked meat trend. It seems the more fashionable the restaurant, the less cooked the meat is. This is unpleasant and unacceptable.

gill3 Gill's Diner

Desert was churros which are everywhere now, and they were lovely. Overall, Gill’s had a relaxing ambience and created a pleasurable environment. The food, once cooked, was amazing and the wine list has some good local favourites. Gill’s is also reviewed here and here. It’s worth trying, particularly because the service is also excellent.

Gill’s Diner

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