Nine take note. The community has rejected your pathetic faux social media file sharing experiment called catchuptv. Your crap 4:3 Hiro DRM advertisement infested downloads of Banal Road are widely detested. We also hate geographical territories being included and excluded in the digital world. Your Hiro files only work in Australia and New Zealand. Your audience is bigger than your imagination.

The Banal Road files being shared via torrents are HD TV rips. There are also reports of successful rips of the Hiro files into other, more user friendly, codecs.

We know you want to sell the show to networks in the US and elsewhere. Nonetheless, you don’t understand social media or viral marketing. If a few people in the US watch it online before it screens there it may develop a larger audience there than would otherwise be the case.

Your poor choices with Hiro have made you look more outdated and stupid. You do not have my permission to invade my computer with your rubbish software.

your audience is bigger than your imagination

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