iga2 IGA opens in Fitzroy

The IGA mini-supermarket has opened on Brunswick St in Fitzroy, and I wandered through to see what they stock. There is a good fresh fruit and vegetable and deli section given the overall size of the shop, and there is a large chilled beer room for slabs as well as a reasonable wine selection, including some varieties from Sticks, my favourite Yarra Valley winery. The one emergency thing I may need at short notice but could not find on the shelf was condoms, but I’m sure they’re there. IGA is open until 11pm every night.

They also stock Philippa’s bread, which is tempting, though my regular breakfast loaves, the ciabatta from Licata’s bakery cafe at 402 Brunswick St or the wholemeal and sunflower loaf from Babka at 358 Brunswick St. It will be interesting to see is some of the established small retailers, like Goodlfellows and Brunswick St cellars, survive. Will the arrival of IGA prompt them to improve and compete, or close?

iga1a IGA opens in Fitzroy

IGA opens in Fitzroy

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