One evening we got the Link bus to Parnell Rd and wandered up the hill looking for dinner. We stopped at the St Petersberg Russian and Uzbek Restaurant and thought it looked promising. stepped in and asked to read a menu as there was not one on display in the courtyard. After looking at it we decided the menu sounded worth trying and sat down at one of the outdoor courtyard tables, which was not set. A waitress came and set it for us while we considered the menu further.

For the rest of the evening we were served by another waitress. I should preface what follows by saying I don’t mean to sound racist, sexist or ignorantly judgemental.

The second waitress was tall, slim but curvy, willowy, with an absurdly pretty face and model elegance. She had a vague air of not quite knowing where she was or what she was doing. I don’t think she had much restaurant experience. English was definitely not her first language, and when she spoke to the kitchen staff it was always in Russian.

She looked like she had meant to arrive in Melbourne for fashion week and was slightly perplexed to find herself waitressing in Auckland. We could not help inventing stupid stories based on her appearance, and from her point of view.

‘Can’t believe I trust ‘boyfriend’ to take me to Australia to be top fashion model. Now I serve stupid tourists in restaurant in Auckland which is not even in Australia. At least I am better off than sister Olga. She eat too many blinis and get fat. Now she work in brothel on south island.’

We ordered an entree platter to share, which had lots of tasty things on it, including smoked salmon and delicious blinis.

russ1 when in Auckland eat like Russians

I then chose the St Petersburg salmon, which was served between amazing salty potato fritters and topped with carrot. It was delicious.

russ2 when in Auckland eat like Russians

My girlfriend had the tabaka chicken, which is marinated in onion and garlic and then fried while weighted down. It is served with rice and tomato sauce. This was also very good. I’ve never eaten Russian before so I have no idea how authentic it was, but it was enjoyable. You can read another review here.

russ3 when in Auckland eat like Russians

when in Auckland eat like Russians

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