bee4 a taste of honey While visiting Muriwai Beach west of Auckland I drove through the Kumeu wine region, and on the return drive stopped in to try some wine at Kumeu River winery. I liked their Pino Gris. At another time I also tried wine from Matua Valley winery, which was also good. I also stopped for lunch at the intriguing sounding BeesOnline. bee3 a taste of honey It’s a shop selling honey from the region and it also has a wonderful cafe, where almost every dish has honey in it. My girlfriend had the vegetarian pastry stack with zucchini and feta cheese with a creamy tomato and honey sauce, which was simply wonderful. I had the mini bagels with smoked chicken, baked tomatoes and a rich savoury sauce with honey, which was also delicious. bee1 a taste of honey bee2 a taste of honey We shared a generously sized slice of apple and honey cake that is too amazing to describe. BeesOnline is one of those amazing spontaneous travel experiences which makes the larger journey worthwhile. bee5 a taste of honey

a taste of honey

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