I’m extremely annoyed at Blu Ray, Sony and Warner Brothers. I’ve been waiting for months for the release of 2001: A Space Odyssey on Blu Ray DVD, so I can enjoy one of my favourite films played at the best quality through my PS3 and 1080i projector. It was scheduled for release on 5 December 2007 (see screen capture below from the official Blu Ray Australia website). I made this image on 8 February 2008… so they are useless. Despite appearing about to win the format war over HD DVD, they have not won the enthusiam of customers.

2001dec07 open the pod bay doors please HAL

After the December deadline passed I learned that the release date had been put back to 6 February 2008, and the website EzyDVD, which always seems reliable and accurate in its release dates, listed this date for a long time. When I checked back with them on 8 February 2008, however, thinking I could now go into a shop and buy it I found that it is now listed for release on 9 April 2008. Depressing.

2001apr08 open the pod bay doors please HAL

The company that owns the film, Warner Brothers, are still listing only the old standard DVD of the film on their Australian website. Losers.

wb open the pod bay doors please HAL

I want to buy this product but they are making it impossible. Why is the Australian market so poorly served by film distributors? I am increasingly either buying DVDs from Amazon UK or other sources, or downloading movies from bittorrent, because I cannot buy them here.

I’d buy 2001 on Blu Ray online if not for the stupid region coding. As Australia and the UK are both region B for Blu Ray I think I could buy it frrom Amazon UK, but I don’t want to take the risk of it not working. Furthermore, there doesn’t seem to be a PAL version available in the UK – Amazon UK are only listing an NTSC import. So the issue seems to be a worldwide delay in the PAL version.

The PS3 is also region locked for standard DVDs, further discriminating against Australian consumers. This means that I cannot use it to play my many legally bought foreign movies on DVD (usually region 2) on my PS3. Sony, you suck massively. I hate your determination to control what I watch, especially as I want to watch legally purchased DVDs. I will take particular delight in pirating your music and movies until you start treating your audience with the respect it deserves.

open the pod bay doors please HAL

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