Last week the UK TV company ITV, who broadcast the Formula 1 racing telecast that we see here in Australia introduced a new video section of their website. I was excited because the ITV F1 channel includes hours of F1 coverage that we do not get in the cut-down broadcast for Australia – interviews, behind the scenes stories, technical reports and analysis of car handling and driving technique – all amazing content. I’ve repeatedly told the Foxtel retards who call occasionally that the only thing that will get me to sign up for pay TV is the full, complete, live ITV coverage of F1. No TV company in Australia wants to give it to me.

Unfortunately the videos on the website were limited to territories that did not include Australia, so when I tried to watch them I was blocked. I was mad! Why? There was no explantion about copyright or territorial rights for broadcasts. They simply did not think they had a world audience for their website. I sent them a terse email saying exactly what I thought about being refused access to their videos. Happily, the videos are now available for anyone world wide. Thanks ITV! You actually listened to customer feedback. Your F1 coverage the most professional and balanced I’ve seen. Martin Brundle is amazing to watch, and the rest of the team are all excellent. Thanks for not forgetting your Australian fans.

Update 26 April 2008 – verything is shit again – read here.

ITV F1 rock – NOT

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