I give up. The Australian Grand Prix Corporation are morons. They have finally publicised their replacement for GP Traction, called Sidetracked, but unless you’re dedicated you’d never know about it or be able to find out about it. Information is buried, the offer (what you get for your money) is unclear and I think it is the wrong product marketed to the wrong audience.

The stupidity of their invisible marketing is enormous:

The original product, Traction, which was a great experience, must have been too expensive or too poorly attended to be financially viable. Unlimited food and drink must have been expensive to provide. Perhaps if the marketing had not been a complete failure this situation would have been different.

There will be no food or drink provided for a fee of $199 (Saturday and Sunday) compared to $250 per day (Saturday and Sunday) for Traction. It’s about the music, not the overall experience of attending the race. However, you get lots more doof doof. They are trying to attract more party bimbos to the F1 rather than serious fans. They are ignoring people with money to spend on quality accommodation and services and are aiming at the low end of the market – 20somethings who only care about a party and not about the sport itself. These are not loyal consumers or customers. They don’t care about the product.

As Ayrton Senna once said, F1 is “a business with some sport in it.” You can read my thoughts on stupid F1 marketing and the failures of the Grand Prix Corporation to understand their audience here and more on the whole situation here. I will be attending with a general admission ticket. They have completely failed to upsell me to a better and more expensive product or to effectively manage the business of F1 in Australia.

lost all traction – sidetracked and stuck in the mud

2 thoughts on “lost all traction – sidetracked and stuck in the mud

  • 31 January 2008 at 2:55 pm

    Yeah, they really dropped the ball on this one. Bought my sidetracked ticket yesterday. One day pass (Sunday) is $109, compared to GA of $99. $10 is worth it to be in a segregated section away from the crowds. Hopefully they will continue their piss poor advertising campaign for sidetracked, reducing the crowds.

  • 4 February 2008 at 4:17 pm

    Sidetracked is the bargain of the Year!!

    $15 more than the weekend Ground Admission Pass gets you International DJ Talent the week after the Future Music Festival (one day at $120 a ticket) together for TWO DAYS beside the track.

    I will miss the ‘exclusivity’ of Traction, but this is high octane action and high quality music.

    Got my tickets this morning!

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