crash081 wrong way dickhead

I was quietly sitting on my sofa at approximately 11.15pm last night idly surfing the interweb when the screech of a skidding car diverted my attention. I waited (in fear or expectation, depending on your point of view) for the skid to end in a crash. It did: a solid crunch of metal on metal. I dashed out to my balcony to see what had happened. A chunky 4WD and a small hatchback had collided on the corner of Rose and Young streets. The front of the red 4WD had smashed into the right side of the silver hatchback, pushing the driver’s door in.

crash082 wrong way dickhead

Rose and Young streets are both narrow one way streets, which often have losers driving the wrong way up them. It’s amazing that there are not more accidents. Anyway, my initial observation was that at least one car (the hatchback) was going the wrong way (west, instead of east) on Rose St, and the 4WD was probably also going the wrong way (south, not north) on Young St.

crash083 wrong way dickhead

The Police arrived first, followed by some taxis, then the Fire Brigade. By the time the Ambulance arrived the street was completely blocked, and it had to turn around and go around the block.

crash084 wrong way dickhead

Once the situation had been dealt with, and I had chatted with my neighbours, I went down to ask some questions. I told them that I was a local resident sick of seeing cars driving the wrong way on these streets. The Fire Brigade officer I spoke to told me that it is not the responsbility of the Brigade to determine the cause of accidents, and he referred me to the Police. The Police officer I spoke to would not confirm that either vehicle had been travelling in the wrong direction as she had not completed taking statements from both drivers.

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I plan to follow this up as this is an issue that has frustrated me for some time. How can drivers be so selfish and ignorant in such narrow streets? These drivers are a real danger to other road users, particularly cyclists and motorcyclists. There have been several occasions where I have stopped my motorbike in the middle of the street and made a driver coming towards me going the wrong way stop and reverse.

I wonder how the insurance companies deal with claims where both parties were breaking the road rules? Do they both get denied cover? Whoever was going the wrong way deserves no sympathy.

wrong way dickhead

4 thoughts on “wrong way dickhead

  • 15 January 2008 at 5:00 pm

    Hey Brian,

    I heard the crash through my bedroom window. Aside from the idiots going the wrong way, I’ve seen quite a few people go straight through the Give Way sign where Young crosses Rose. I always take a deep breath driving down Rose when I get to those intersections.

  • 16 January 2008 at 5:06 pm

    I blame the 4WD. I blame them for most things. :-p

  • 21 January 2008 at 11:19 pm

    A few weeks ago I saw the aftermath of some twit who’d put her angle-parked car into first instead of reverse, then jolted up across the footpath and into our neighbour’s garden wall. The wall survived with a few cracks, and the car squealed and grated its way into the night, trailing coolant as it went.

    The one-way segment of Kerr St is a particular favourite of wrong-way drivers and hoons. I actually contacted the council about it and got some interesting results a few weeks later: of 3,000 observations made over three days, 10 vehicles were recorded at speeds exceeding 50 km/h (keep in mind this is a very short stretch of road), and 46 travelled the wrong way. I think a particularly acute speed hump at the stop sign would do wonders for the speeding.

  • 6 May 2009 at 1:37 pm

    Rose Street? Interesting, we are almost neighbours. I have to pass your house every morning (if I can bother to take the 112 instead of the 86 to the city).
    Who cares? Right. No one. Upnosy people.. ;)


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