I’ve argued in the past in favour of the United States becoming a third world country within 100 years. No one takes me seriously. But now someone is saying what I’ve been saying. The argument goes like this: The US is so rich, so abundant, that it has become the world’s laziest nation. With so much wealth and excess it no longer educates its citizens and they are becoming dumber and dumber.

In previous times laziness and stupidity lead directly to starving to death. Not any more. In the US you can be dumb and eat all the takeaway grease you want.

We are, as far as urban public education is concerned, essentially at rock bottom. We are now at a point where we are essentially churning out ignorant teens who are becoming ignorant adults and society as a whole will pay dearly, very soon, and if you think the hordes of easily terrified, mindless fundamentalist evangelical Christian lemmings have been bad for the soul of this country, just wait.

Eventually, there won’t be enough educated literate thinking people creating economic growth to sustain the parasitical morons, and the whole society and economy will collapse. The morons will watch bimbos on TV until the TV breaks; they won’t know how to fix it.

… the dystopian evidence seems overwhelming indeed, to the point where it might be no stretch at all to say the biggest threat facing America is perhaps not global warming, not perpetual warmongering, not garbage food or low-level radiation or way too much Lindsay Lohan, but a populace far too ignorant to know how to properly manage any of it, much less change it all for the better.

I think it has already started…

bring on the dystopia

2 thoughts on “bring on the dystopia

  • 3 November 2007 at 1:51 am

    Oddly remeniscent of a wee thought experiment I ran a while back.

    Figures are just round ups and downs

    World population = 6 billion
    USA Population = 0.3 billion

    USA Pop as a proportion = 1 in 18.

    Percentage of world rescources used by USA = 80%

    Projected number of dead from climate change global warming over the next century.


    Simplest thing to do to save the planet = kill every USA citizen.

    Like i said it is a thinking point not a plan of action.

  • 9 November 2007 at 10:56 am

    Reminds me of a book I read when I was a kid, Arthus Herzog’s IQ83 (published 1978), about a virus that escapes from a research facility in the states and spreads among the population, reducing everyone to the IQ level of an idiot…planes falling out the sky, nuclear power stations melting down, society imploding coz no-ones bright enough to do anything!

    There’s a little synopsis here >>



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