Last night I ate at Mama Ganoush on Chapel St in Windsor. It got a mostly positive review in the Age recently and I like using these reviews to choose restaurants. I forgot to take my camera but fortunately Deep Dish Dreams has taken some excellent photos of the food.

We started with the cheesy ladies thigh pastries (below) and the kid kofte. Both were delicious though the kofte were not exceptional.

1446326367_29f35c23d3 Mama Ganoush

Photo by Deep Dish Dreams – Creative Commons licence

We then had the zucchini stuffed with minty ricotta, which we were undecided about, and the roasted rabbit with broad beans, which was truly wonderful, and a side of amazing creamy spinach with caramelised onion and yogurt (below).

1446422439_ff913beeb6 Mama Ganoush

Photo by Deep Dish Dreams – Creative Commons licence

I also had the delightfully presented apricot and cardamom pudding in the shape of the crescent moon and an arabic coffee. Overall verdict – good, worth visiting and probably returning to – but the entrees are overpriced. The service was excellent and the short wine list diverse and more than adequate.

The worst thing on reading their business card and visiting the website advertised on it was to discover, yet again, no site there. This is a basic marketing failure that makes me suspicious of the business management skills of the restrauranteur.

Mama Ganoush

One thought on “Mama Ganoush

  • 21 October 2007 at 1:31 am

    Nice pix – LOL! ;) I think you’ll find that the proprietor has a day job, works in the restaurant at night and will most probably get to building the website when he can. We were back on Friday night and once we told Geoff that we had now eaten our way through the entire menu, were happy to hear that the menu will change next week. Just another reason to return really.


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