After seeing Laurie Anderson in conversation on Tuesday night I went to her first performance of Homeland at Hamer Hall last night. It was a wonderful show and performance, and the enormous applause at the end drew Anderson back for a special encore performance of her early song Let X = X.

Anderson did a great interview with ABC’s Dig program – website or direct link (25mb MP3), and the program notes from MIAF (900kb PDF) are also available.

A video of her performing one of the songs from Homeland, ‘The Lost Art of Conversation’ with her band and partner Lou Reed in NYC earlier this year is here – website or direct link (12mb MOV).

The songs and spoken word pieces were often darkly funny. One was about the ‘underwear gods’ – giant underwear models on billboards who come to life and parade through the city streets. Another was ‘Only an expert can deal with the problem’ which referenced Al Gore, climate change, US foreign policy and other topical political and social issues, even how to appear on Oprah.


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