tap4 Teenage Hustling

Finally TEENAGE HUSTLING! Thank you Tori. I have been waiting the whole tour to hear it. I asked her to play it in Brisbane and it was so thrilling to finally hear it. Pip was impossibly hot in purple and was very bouncy on the piano stool.

tap3 Teenage Hustling

It was a tiny meet n greet (21 people, all over in 15 minutes). Brilliant show, long setlist.

tap2 Teenage Hustling

The improv was about the long flight from Sydney to Perth and being in ‘schmoozy’ class (ie business or first class) because ‘they’ (record company?) were paying for it. On the flight, Tash was wriggling and Tori realised she was masturbating. Tori told Tash not to touch her private parts in public places!

tap1 Teenage Hustling

Having seen Teenage Hustling I was content, and so didn’t go to the second Perth show, where to my regret (at not going) Tori finally did Isabel.

Teenage Hustling

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