Last night’s Tori Amos concert in Adelaide at the Thebarton Theatre was the best of the tour that I have seen so far. Tori seemed genuinely more relaxed, happy and comfortable on stage than any previous Australian show. The setlist is here.

taad1 I'm floating in the darkness

I went to the meet and greet again and was much better prepared and less nervous than in Canberra. Tori signed my copy of To Venus and Back and I asked her to play 1000 Oceans.

taad2 I'm floating in the darkness

I also spent some time hanging out with the other fans. It’s lots of fun to share stories about previous concerts and compare ideas about the meaning of songs.

taad5 I'm floating in the darkness

Tonight Pip opened the show, and she was sensational, though I am keen to see Isabel, the only persona I haven’t seen yet. Pip was splendid in Blue and rocked out on Cruel and Body and Soul.

taad3 I'm floating in the darkness

When she did play 1000 Oceans I was overwhelmed. This was such a special show. She was grinning across at Matt a lot and did a deliciously slow and whimsical version of Leather. Voodoo and Damage were brilliant. I can’t wait for Brisbane!

taad4 I'm floating in the darkness

I’m floating in the darkness

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