One of the best things about travelling is meeting up with friends who live in different cities. While in Sydney I went to meet some friends at Bodhi, a vegetarian yum cha place. Along with the usual steamed buns and dumplings were some innovative dishes, including beetroot dumplings. The food is delicious and I was pleased that my friends had suggested it, as it is the kind of place that locals know but tourists may never find by themselves.

yc1 yum cha

yc2 yum cha

yc3 yum cha

yum cha

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  • 17 September 2007 at 7:18 am

    This non-meat eater prefers Green Gourment in King Street, Newtown. Their yum cha isnīt as fancy-pants as Bodhi, and they only offer yum cha on weekends, but they have a fantastic buffet on weeknights that includes the best savoury sticky rice I`ve ever tasted! The hot ginger and lemon tea is also pretty damn nice.


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