I’ve attended two sessions at MIFF that have sold out: the agonisingly pretentious Exterminating Angels (overly serious French art porn) and the hilarious Teeth (silly American teen gorefest with a twist).

In the former, an idiotic film director wants to make an art film about women masturbating while he is being haunted by the ghost of his grandmother and is watched and perhaps manipulated by two sultry angels in black singlets and jeans.

Exterminating-Angelss pretentious angels and hysterical chastity

h_3_ill_811665_angesexterminateurs2 pretentious angels and hysterical chastity

In the latter, sweet blond chastity preserving teen Dawn slowly discovers that something is not normal ‘down there’ and eventually learns that she is the myth of the vagina dentata reborn in the modern world thanks to living next door to a nuclear power plant. She has mutated in an alarming way. Innocence evolves into revenge as she defends herself against the crude men surrounding her.

teeth pretentious angels and hysterical chastity

Both films sold out. Sex sells. Despite my usual delight in French cinema, the Angels failed me and Teeth was by far the better film. It was smarter, more engaging and entertaining, sexier, and people laughed with the film rather than at the film.

pretentious angels and hysterical chastity

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