I just bought tickets to the Melbourne concert of The Cure! Winter in Australia is paradise for goths in multiple ways (apart from it being comfortable to wear luxurious fabrics) because we are being graced by the maestros of misery and their cute cousin – Tori Amos. This time, I hope she plays her cover of Love Song…

The Chronicle of Higher Education has recently reviewed two books on goth culture. The reviewer points out the very things that I like about goths:

goths tend to be unusually tolerant and peace loving. It’s a truism that, despite their fringe status, rejection of social norms, and interest in death, most of those who dress in goth styles tend to be shy and withdrawn, though not necessarily depressed. Anyone can be a goth; you don’t need to run in a pack (goths are traditionally loners).

The article draws attention to the respect given to eldergoths; to Robert and his bandmates I have the greatest respect. I’ve seen them live in 1992, 2000, and now I’ll see them again in 2007…

800px-Robertsmith why the undead will not die

why the undead will not die

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