Last week at the Spanish Film Festival I saw Life in 65 Minutes (Tu vida en 65′ – official site). It’s a story about a group of young men who read in the paper that a man they went to school with had died, and so they go to the funeral. However, this is a case of mistaken identity, as the man who died was not their former school friend.

The man who died had committed suicide, leaving a devastated family, including his sister. One of the guys in the group fall for her immediately, with complicated consequences. The film is about life, death, love, loss, identity and the impossibility of really knowing someone else. I won’t explain the conclusion – and neither does another review here – except to say I thought it depressing, unnecessary and a repudiation of the emotional tone of the film. I really enjoyed the film apart from the ending, and the music is great, including some lovely acoustic covers of old Cure songs.

The rest of the Spanish Film Festival has been more mixed – I felt some films were poorly explained in the advertising blurbs, the usual allocated seating systems at the Como and Westgarth Palace cinemas is ridiculous, totally confusing to older people, and idiotic when the largest cinema has only 20 people in it, and one film at the Como was badly out of focus. In this film the usher came in to help some late arrivals and I asked him to speak to the projectionist about the focus. Nothing was changed. Their customer service is as bad as that of the Nova now. They want our money but give us a poor experience in return.

in between days at the Spanish Film Festival

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