My work / life balance has been rubbish lately. Two weeks ago I was in Sydney for the whole working week, and the only way to see my girlfriend was to arrange a rendezvous there. Fortunately, she was required to also be in Sydney for a work conference. We stayed at the Medusa Hotel, which is delightful. I recommend it.

Apart from a large and beautiful room, king size bed and stereo, which I love having in a hotel room, in the mini bar they had condoms and tampons. Welcome to the real world. While I have noticed that many hotels no longer have Bibles in every room, they rarely provide life’s real necessities. Soap, yes. Shampoo and conditioner, yes. Condoms and tampons? Yes, we use them regularly.

Thanks Medusa for having the style and commonsense to provide condoms and tampons from Just in Case minibar supplies. Because we’re not used to having these provided in hotel rooms, we brought our own, but it’s pleasing to know that at least one hotel caters to consenting adults and not just ‘families’.

just just in case

just in case

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