On Monday night I went to the Metro Nightclub to see Nine Inch Nails play their 2nd of 3 shows. Luckily for me the first one had sold out before I could get tickets. On Sunday night Trent had a tantrum and walked off stage early, and the audience missed seeing a complete show. Fortunately, on Monday night, he played a fantastic show, full of energy and singing strongly throughout.

nin1 NIN: there is no you, there's only me

When I was younger going to concerts was an occasion to celebrate and dress up for; last night I wore a beautiful black and red shirt. By my standards of a decade ago, this was badly underdressed; by the standards of the 20something crowd, apart from a few other old school goths (the subculture I most identify with), this was far overdressed.

nin2 NIN: there is no you, there's only me

We got a great mix of songs, many I assume from the new album, which I have not listened to, but I will now! I still love being at gigs, albeit closer to the back than the front (hence the poor photos), because I can’t be fussed fighting to the front, ear plugs in to save the remainder of my hearing, and moving to avoid being surrounded by smokers. I can’t wait for the new smoke free rules to begin…

nin3 NIN: there is no you, there's only me

There was no encore, and the final song was completed by the guitarists throwing down their guitars, creating feedback, and walking offstage; the stage and house lights came up gradually and NIN had left the building. I last saw them at a desolate sports stadium in Mebourne in 2005 – the With Teeth tour, which was musically brilliant but the show left me emotionally indifferent. In a club I feel part of the event, which is why Trent in 2007 with more guitars and less electronics in a smaller venue equals a memorable experience.

NIN: there is no you, there’s only me

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